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Gudola Schirmer has in-depth global management experience in various industries. She was CEO of the German OTC business of Johnson & Johnson / Merck, of the English COTY subsidiary, a French-Malay semiconductor spin-off of Diehl as well as a French electronics spin-off of Philips.  

At Johnson & Johnson / Merck, she managed various OTC categories on a European level; at Benckiser, she headed the global M&A business; and at Procter & Gamble, she led the German finance division Health & Beauty.


Prior to joining HARVEST in 2014 Gudola was Managing Director, CEO and Supervisory Board Member in the Private Equity Business, leading, acquiring and consulting companies in the AI, Automotive, Electonics, Engineering, FMCG, Health & Beauty, IT, Lifestyle, Metal, Power Supply, and Environmental Industry.  


Gudola has a degree in business administration from the European Business School and is a certified trainer, including in NLP. She led various seminars at Management Circle AG and was a speaker at several conferences.

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