• Future meets experience, innovation the tried & tested, transformation the familiar
  • Sustainability & ESG meet economics, result requirement

  • Agility meets processes, creativity neuroscience

  • Social return meets profit orientation, meaning vision


  We create causes for success

  • Profitable growth, transformation and innovation via our proprietary HARVEST Innovations- & Transformation-platform HIT© 
  • Alignment of your company, employees, projects and structures to achieve highest efficacy and results via our proprietary value enhancement-platform HARVEST Organisation & Team HOT© 
  • Coaching on and implementation of ESG-criteria for more sustainability, social responsibility and better governance
  • Securing your company's future and jobs, increasing competitiveness
  • Customer-centric, fast & reliable solutions due to our pooling of management, consultancy, training und financing 

We act like an owner 

  • You pay based upon success - we invest human capital and carry the risk of the investment for up to 90 %

International, multifunctional and across industries

  • Across all levels and interest groups 

We have the necessary experience

  • Proven track-record of more than 30 years of operative experience  in family firms, global blue-chip companies, medium-sized companies, start-ups and educational institutions
  • Agility- and project-management-techniques
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